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Masks Anti-fog Mcnett Google Bright Spray. Goggle Bright provides high performance anti-fogging in a convenient pump spray! This specialized formula provides long lasting, fog-free vision on all types of swim goggles.Try Goggle Bright as an all-around anti-fog and lens cleaner on dive masks, eyewear, face shields, ski goggles, hockey masks, paintball goggles, telescopes, night vision goggles, binoculars, camera housings and more.For Use On Swim Goggles: Spray Goggle Bright onto each lens surfaces. Spread gently with fingertips. Rinse immediately.For Use On: Sunglasses, Eyewear, Face shields, Ski Goggles, Hockey masks, Paintball Goggles, Night vision goggles, Binoculars and more: Before use, to avoid scratches, lens should be free of dirt and debris. Spray onto all lens surfaces. Immediately buff until clear using gentle circular motion with MicroNet Microfiber Cloth or soft lens cloth.37 ml
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