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Instruments and computers Computers Suunto D4i. A GREAT ALL-ROUNDERAn adventure should take you anywhere, any way you want to get there. Thats why Suunto D4i gives you great freedive features as well as the option of a wireless readout of your tank pressure and air time. Go with your own dive inspiration youll be amazed at how far you can go on just one breath.The D4i Black comes with an elastomer strap and doesnt include a USB interface cable.Suunto D4i interactive learning toolSet up your diving modes (air and nitrox), pair the computer with a transmitter and access the memory log book. Or just make virtual dives!Suunto AlgorithmsAt the heart of every Suunto dive computer is an algorithm the reduced gradient bubble model (RGBM) that calculates decompression for a dive. Relentlessly pursuing ever best models for divers of all types, Suunto continues to push for RGBM perfection. Suunto has been developing RGBM algorithms together with Dr. Bruce Wienke for well over a
D4i - 16824000, Black,
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