Lamps and torches Beuchat Faro 50w

Lights Lamps and torches Beuchat Faro 50w. Lampe 50W rechargeable with batteries Ni-MH 3.5 Ah.The lampe 50 W is for all divers who are looking for a lampe with good price, and adequate autonomy that can recharge quickly and have a long life.Electronic management developed by Beuchat load to increase the battery life considering different specific criteria: power selector, safety valve, optimization system of the life of the bulb...Features:- Batterie a Ni-MH rechargeable.- Body in aluminium- Beam: de 50 W (3300°K - 1600 Lumens). - You can chose between 100% or 70% power.- Security strap- It includes a bag- Charging time: 4 hours- Autonomie: 70% 80 min/ 100% 52 min.- Dimensions: diameter 80 mm, lenght 200mm- Weight out of the water: 1325 g- Weight in the water: 450 gWhats in the box:- Torch- Charger- Carry bag
Faro 50w - 342142,
Lights - Lamps and torches Beuchat

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