Lamps and torches Light-motion Gobe Nightsea

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Lights Lamps and torches Light-motion Gobe Nightsea. ENGINEERED WITH LEADING SCIENTISTS, THE GOBE NIGHTSEA DELIVERS THE PERFECT WAVELENGTH OF BLUE LIGHT TO EXCITE OTHERWORLDLY FLUORESCENCE. FEATURES A PHOSPHOR FLIP-CAP TO EASILY SWITCH BETWEEN THE BLUE NIGHTSEA AND A WHITE NAVIGATION LIGHT. ADD A YELLOW FILTER TO YOUR MASK OR GLASSES FOR BEST RESULTS!Featuring: NightSea technology causes certain proteins and chemicals to fluoresce under blue light, revealing hidden details in the world around. For best results, view through a yellow filter to see nothing but fluorescence! Use while night-diving, exploring, or rock-hunting to find plants, animals, or minerals with fluorescent properties. Included phosphor cover changes blue light into white with a flip of the cap. Useful for navigation and orientation.
Gobe Nightsea - 8560515, Purple / White,
Lights - Lamps and torches Light-motion

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