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Underwater vehicles Scooters (dpv) Seadoo Rs1. Feature:- Size: 319x300x610mm , 12.6x11.8x 24 in- Weight: 9.5kg , 21 lb- Battery: li-ion, 22.2 v / 12ah- Power: 500 w- Run time: 90 mins- Speed: 7km/h , 4.35 mph- Gear: 3 gears- Recharge: 7 hours- Depth: 40mWhats in the box:- 1x rs1 li-ion battery- 4x ballast weights- 2x glide finsGo-Pro Support IncludedSAFE USE INSTRUCTIONSAlways exercise caution; carefully follow the warnings and instructions in the manual provided with the Seascooter:Always use the Seascooter under experienced supervision.Children always require adult supervision & must wear a Personal Floatation device(PFD) at all times. Never stick body parts, clothing or other objects in the vicinity of the propeller.Do not wear loose or flowing clothing or equipment that could be drawn into the propeller. Pay special attention to always keep wetsuit zip-pulls safely away from The SEADOO® Seascooter.Particular care should be exercised when using the sea scooter near anybody with
Rs1 - 856-SD15001, 9.5 Kg, 40 m
Underwater vehicles - Scooters (dpv) Seadoo

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