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Underwater vehicles Scooters (dpv) Tusa Sav 7 Evo2. The SAV7 Evo 2 is the evolution of our first scooter for underwater exploration, we are pleased to present the most reliable for all divers scooter.This new submarine vehicle has the innovative features and patented hands to be brought easily and conveniently with a remote control speed, high quality manufacturing, long life of their new lithium batteries and charging status indicator LED battery.With the new improved design, our scooter is even better adapted to diving exploration hands, reducing fatigue so that consumption is reduced and the time line is increased.With your own fingers can control the speed of navigation, giving you all the control you need and total security.Completely revised and remodeled, now it comes with lithium batteries giving it greater auntonomía and longevity in the long-term use.Due to its structural improvement, this scooter is valid to carry two divers.Characteristics:- Freehands- Remote control- Maxi
Sav 7 Evo2 - SAV-7 EVO2, 20 Kg, 70 m
Underwater vehicles - Scooters (dpv) Tusa

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